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12-10-2020        Pakhuis de Zwijger [HOL]

Why and how we should turn to democratic processes as participatory budgeting in times of economic scarcity.

Due to the impact of the corona measurements and the upcoming economic recess, cities as Amsterdam have been re-drafting the ways in which they allocate their public budget for the upcoming years. These necessary steps directly impact the lives and living environments of citizens, while they often exclude them from participating in the decision making-process. What would happen if we instead put citizens in charge to find the necessary solutions for our current challenges? Which possibilities and challenges arise, now that citizens are more connected to their neighbourhoods during lockdown? What can democratic tools and processes such as participatory budgeting offer cities, precisely in these times of economic scarcity? Join this special broadcast with various international key players in the field of participatory budgeting.

Giovanni Allegretti